LC3100.gitcpu emulator for LC3100 in haskell tzlil7 months
aoc2022-day21.gitday21 with time travelling state tzlil3 weeks
aoc2022-day22.git tzlil8 months
aoc2023.git tzlil4 weeks
arXiv.gitarXiv randomizer tzlil8 months in the joy programming language tzlil8 months
canal-view-z3.gitcanal view solver with z3 tzlil15 months
coms6998.gitlambda calculus interpreter tzlil13 months
elf.gitrust zerocopy elf parser tzlil14 months
ext2.gitzerocopy ext2 parser tzlil15 months
flake.gitmy machines tzlil4 weeks
fpga.gitfpga stuff in clash tzlil6 weeks
hs-logicbrain.gitsolving logicbrain challenges using haskells list monad tzlil8 months
hscompiler.githaskell compiler adventures tzlil10 months
hslc.gitlambda calculus in haskells type system tzlil8 months
interaction-networks.gitgraph rewrite rules in wolfram tzlil6 months
py-calculator.gitcalculator in python + recursive descent tzlil6 months
recursion-schemes-lean4.gitFP with bananas, lenses, and barbed wire in lean4 tzlil2 months
skimap.gitgraph SK form reductions tzlil12 months
stacked.gitstack based language in idris2 tzlil7 months
tzlisp.gitlisp in haskell tzlil11 months
uiua.gitstuff written in tzlil7 months